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Recorded Scientific Session: The Impact of Algorithms on Decision Making’

‘The Impact of Algorithms on Decision Making’ session seeks to spread innovation best practices and modern knowledge, focusing on AI’s role in the judicial system, its basics, impacts, and ethical considerations for enhancing judicial efficiency.
Organized by: Dubai Judicial Institute

Starts on:  February, 22 12:00 PM
Ends on:  May, 31 12:00 PM

In collaboration with Presight, ‘The Impact of Algorithms on Decision Making’ is a pioneering lecture slated for DJI’s metaverse platform during UAE Innovates 2024. This initiative aims to enrich the institute’s events by disseminating cutting-edge innovation practices and knowledge, particularly in how data and artificial intelligence are reshaping our global judicial systems. It seeks to explore the fundamentals of AI, its potential judicial operations, and the ethical frameworks necessary for integrating AI effectively to advance judicial efficiency and fairness. This endeavour aligns with DJI’s strategic commitment to fostering an exceptional educational ecosystem that bolsters justice and excellence, aimed at enhancing the professional skills and overall performance of judicial authority members and their staff.

Event Details

Delivery Format: Talk
Event Type: Virtual
Event Access: Public
Language: Both
Emirate: Dubai