About UAE Innovates

Innovation Ecosystem

Innovation is key to promoting economic growth, increasing competitiveness and providing new job opportunities. Since its inception in 1971, the United Arab Emirates has constantly been distinguished as an icon for innovation and creativity, enhancing its social and economic status.

”Innovation, research, science and technology will form the pillars of a knowledge-based, highly productive and competitive economy, driven by entrepreneurs in a business-friendly environment where public and private sectors form effective partnerships.”

Emanating from its strong belief that building a human capital is far more critical than urban development, the UAE is keen on creating a wealth of human resources capable of meeting the country’s aspirations of development across various sectors. The UAE distinctly demonstrates its ability to attract and retain top talent by becoming a primary destination for educated Arab youth seeking a better professional and personal life, besides ranking first worldwide in attracting global talent.

UAE's vision

The Vision aims to make the UAE among the best countries in the world by the Golden Jubilee of the Union. In order to translate the Vision into reality, its pillars have been mapped into six national priorities which represent the key focus sectors of government action in the coming years.