IDreamThe Future of Courts through Children's Eyes

The "I dream" event aims to develop children's knowledge of their rights and responsibilities through engaging storytelling and activities of the Illustrated Child Rights Law. The event ends with the children participating in drawings (I dream). Each child draws the future of courts from their point of view and expression, how do children see the judiciary’s / courts future?

The UAEU-Louvre Abu Dhabi Symposium Series

The United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) in collaboration with Louvre Abu Dhabi are organizing the Symposium Series on Arts, Culture, and Innovation.
This symposium series will offer a unique opportunity for researchers, curators, professionals, and experts to explore and discuss how the Arts and culture are at the core of the creative economy and contemporary innovations.

Innovation Strategy Retreat for the MOE

Implementation of a ministerial retreat targeting leaders and employees of the Ministry of Education to review the national priorities to support the innovation strategy and to discuss the most important challenges, opportunities and the most important innovative projects for the education sector during 2022-2026

Innovation applications in home business

A dialogue session with home entrepreneurs about innovation applications in home businesses

Launch Protection Package SOON platform

A smart platform application for early detection of possible abuse of any individual's right to answer a set of questions that show the extent to which a person has been harmed, and then provide him with the action he can take and the responsible party.

Launching the Innovation Charter

The Innovation Charter is a set of pledges developed to encourage the presentation of innovative ideas, develop services and processes in accordance with best practices, strive for continuous development of programs and channels, present and manage ideas, and create a stimulating environment for creating innovative ideas and crystallizing them in a framework that enhances efficiency and sustainability

The launch of the Virtual Innovation Museum

The Virtual Innovation Museum provides an opportunity for visitors to the Ministry of Justice website to learn about the most important innovations of the Ministry using 360 technology
Target group : employees and the public
Location: Expo2020

Experiment on the Moon!

Nada AlShammari – PTL of Applied Media at the Sharjah Campuses of the Higher Colleges of Technology in the UAE - and currently the only Arab Female running a Space Technology company which running space missions -
She will share the unique opportunity to be a part of the student team to send the first student mission to the moon.

ICP innovation platform at EXPO 2020 (5/5)

• A tracking and tracking system for the means of transport and its electronic control by following its path from the first port of entry to its final destination in the country.
• The goal of the project is to security and stability of the community, the security and safety of the supply and supply chain, maintaining the public safety and structure of the roads and detecting violations.
• Track

ICP innovation platform at EXPO 2020 (4/5)

Renew your UAE passport with a proactive service: A new proactive service to renew the passport for citizens, before the citizen requests the renewal, as the passport will be automatically renewed 6 months before its expiry date.