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Entrepreneurial Mindset-The Code For Z- Generation

Expo 2020 Expo road, Dubai, Dubai

The workshop will also explore real-life stories, practices, action plans and tools of successful entrepreneurs, educators, and successful students in the 21st century to be able to discover own passion, failing forward to going beyond comfort zones, facing uncertainties courageously, taking calculated risks, mastering selfcare and be emotionally agile to survive in AI dominated future job market


Expo 2020 Expo road, Dubai, Dubai

Come and meet students who have turned their idea into reality to improve the lives of others - find out why and how they came up with the idea and what they hope to achieve.

Innovation Exhibition

Expo 2020 Expo road, Dubai, Dubai

The innovation exhibition to be held at the Fazaa pavilion at the Expo, through which the latest security innovations that serve the community will be reviewed