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Unmasking the Impact of AI on Social Media

Discover the secrets behind viral social media trends and innovative content creation using AI in our upcoming AIFF session. Dive into the digital realm where technology and social platforms converge and learn how AI is reshaping the landscape. Don't miss this chance to unravel the mysteries behind your favourite online networks!
Organized by: Expo City Dubai

Starts on:  January, 24 06:00 PM
Ends on:  January, 24 07:00 PM

Enter the dynamic realm where AI converges with social media in AIFF's latest session: "Understanding the Impact of AI on Social Media." As our digital landscape undergoes transformation, AI plays a pivotal role, reshaping how we converse, deliver and consume information.
Join us as we navigate the AI landscape in social media, with our speakers shedding light on concealed algorithms and demystifying the intricate forces guiding your preferred platforms. From unravelling the secrets of content magic to revealing AI's influence on information dynamics, this event provides you an exclusive pass to the intricacies of social media.
Secure your spot now for enlightening insights and a firsthand glimpse into the future of digital connections!

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Delivery Format: Talk
Event Type: Virtual
Event Access: Public
Language: English
Emirate: Dubai