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📍 Sharjah
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The Elephant Clock

Many remarkable clocks were developed by Muslim scientists and innovators. The Elephant Clock is just one of many clocks that Al Jazari invented; its parts represent different parts of the Islamic world. Participants will assemble the Elephant Clock and gain an understanding of how it operates
Organized by: Sharjah Museums Authority
📍 Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization,Al Majarrah area in Heart of Sharjah
Starts on:  February, 21 10:00 AM
Ends on:  February, 21 12:00 PM

Before the workshop, participants will be given a 30-minute tour of the Ibn Al-Haytham Hall of Science and Technology to become familiar with the elephant clock model and how it works. The workshop will then begin with the participants assembling and labelling the Elephant Clock components

Event Details

Delivery Format: Workshop
Event Type: In-person
Event Access: Public
Language: Both
Emirate: Sharjah