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The 2nd Annual Meeting for the Center for Data Analytics and Cybersecurity (CDAC)

The 2nd Annual Meeting for the Center for Data Analytics and Cybersecurity (CDAC)

Where you can network with Government and Industry experts through interactive round table sessions and explore the latest research at CDAC in the following areas:

- Machine Learning and Arabic Language Processing - Intelligent Information Systems & Applications - Big Data Mining - OpenUAE R&D - Information and Network Security - Smart Sustainable Cities
Organized by: University of Sharjah
📍 University of Sharjah Men's Student Forum
Starts on:  February, 21 09:00 AM
Ends on:  February, 22 02:00 PM

The 2nd Annual Meeting for the Center for Data Analytics and Cybersecurity (CDAC)


- Machine Learning and Arabic Language Processing -3-

  • Arabic Handwritten Text Recognition
  • Alzheimer’s Detection Using Deep Learning Techniques
  • Arabic dialect identification using AI:-the case of the Arabian peninsula dialect

- Intelligent Information Systems & Applications-3-

  • Artificial Intelligence-based model for optimizing Renewable Energy usage in Smart Cities Applications
    • New Methodology and Algorithms for Improving the Performance of Distributed Big Business Data Analytics
  • A secure Fog Computing model for Improving healthcare sector performance in UAE

- Big Data Mining -6-

  • Continuous Processing of Moving Spatial-Keyword Queries over Moving Object
  • Real-time Traffic Navigation based on Cloud-Fog Computing for Smart Cities
  • Lightweight DL Models for Data-Intensive IoT applications
  • Road Safety and Traffic Management System in the Internet of Vehicles Paradigm
  • Distributed path tracking with computation using wireless sensor Networks with smart Antennas
  • Adaptive Control 5G Service Management Framework: Proof of Concepts towards Applications of Mobile IoT

- Open UAE R&D -4-

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA
  • Blockchain Networks for Solar PV Electric Vehicles Charging Station to Support and Foster Clean Energy Transition
  • WeDetect (COVID-19): Wearable Biosensors Intelligent System for Early Detection of COVID-19 using Data Science Techniques
  • MedDrop: Drone-based Medical Supply Solution

- Information and Network Security -4-

  • GPS Spoofing Attacks in FANETs
  • Wormhole Attacks in Opportunistic Mobile Networks
  • Stock Price Manipulation Attacks
  • Cyber Bullying in Social Networks


- Smart Cities-6-

  • Automating Energy Data Visualization using Brain-Computer Interfacing and Artificial Intelligence
  • Virtualization of Violence for Safer Smart Cities
  • Forecasting Travel Demand at Sharjah University City, United Arab Emirates
  • Achieving Domestic Energy Efficiency using Micro-Moments and Behavioral Economics-Based Recommender Systems
  • Smart Endotracheal Intubation
  • Asthma Attacks Detection Using Thermal Imaging and ECG Signals

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