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Emirates program for calculating zakat dates

A digital program that makes it easier for date palm owners to calculate their zakat on their dates based on accurate and reliable statistics
Organized by: Zakat Fund
Starts on:  February, 15 11:00 AM
Ends on:  February, 15 12:00 PM

An introductory workshop talking about the UAE program for calculating zakat on dates, from idea to implementation

Explanation of innovation

Al-Ibtikar is a digital program that is a mechanism in which the yield of dates on fruit-bearing palms is automatically estimated, and then the amount of zakat is determined in light of that. The partnership with the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment and the Abu Dhabi Authority for Agriculture and Food Safety was utilized to provide the program database, which is the basis for the program's work, as the average load of fruiting palms in the country was determined in different cities and regions, and through it the load of fruitful palms is estimated based on The type and number of palm trees entered by the user in the program.

Innovation goals
Innovation aims to:
Facilitating the process of calculating zakat on dates for their owners in the fastest way and with the least possible effort.
Achieve customer happiness and raise their level of satisfaction.
Educating customers about the zakat of dates and providing them with assistance in performing their zakat.
Increase zakat revenues.

Event Details

Delivery Format: Other
Event Type: Virtual
Event Access: Public
Language: Both
Emirate: Abu Dhabi