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Colors Explosion Experiment

Science experiment
Organized by: Sharjah Museums Authority
📍 Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization,Al Majarrah area in Heart of Sharjah
Starts on:  February, 21 10:00 AM
Ends on:  February, 21 12:00 PM

After a tour of the Ibn Al-Haytham Hall of Science and Technology, where attendees will learn about the innovations and inventions made by Muslim scientists and the equipment used in the chemistry department, attendees will participate in a hands-on workshop where they will conduct the color explosion experiment

The objective: To investigate the effect of soap particles on milk fat particle

Materials and tools:

·       Glass dish

·       Milk

·       Food coloring (red – blue – yellow – green)

·       Dishwashing soap

·       Cotton swabs

The experiment:

1. Put the milk in the glass dish.

2. Add a drop of each food coloring to the milk.

3. Add just one drop of the dishwashing soap to the food coloring.

4. Dip a cotton swab in the milk.

5. Notice the spread of colors in the glass dish.

The result: The soap molecules try to grab hold of the fat molecules in the milk, which act as a trigger in this experiment. These cycles and movements are similar to those seen when we wash our hands with soap to remove grease.

Event Details

Delivery Format: Workshop
Event Type: In-person
Event Access: Public
Language: Both
Emirate: Sharjah