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Sustainability and Environment
📍 Dubai
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Bamboo Oxygen Forest

UAE 1st Bamboo Oxygen Forest

A legacy initiative in the Middle East
Organized by: Oxygenate Bamboo
📍 Dubai
Starts on:  February, 27 10:00 AM
Ends on:  February, 27 12:00 PM

1.To Earmark an area inside the UAE, identified for the Bamboo Forest.
(eg. 50 acres (202,343 sq mtr) FOR 50,000 Bamboo trees)
A total number of total of 50,000 Bamboo trees (1 year fully grown tree) shall be planted to advance the NET Zero Target & Green initiatives of the UAE for carbon neutrality and continued Renewable Energy derived from Oxygenate Bamboo.
1 Mangrove will absorb 25 kg of co2 per tree / pa
1 Oxygenate Bamboo will absorb 450 kg of co2 per tree / pa
Phase wise deployment of the Bamboo Tress. 1.Phase I 10,000 Trees
2.Phase II 20,000 Trees
3.Phase III 20,000 Trees
Engagement with Public / Private sector / community for participation in the Bamboo Forest.
Visibility and awareness with continued green dialogue to enhance participation in Botany (Education) Designating a team of 250 university students from the UAE who will be involved for the planting & research of the bamboo trees.
The designated team of students after 1 year can commence research and develop economical methods to extract ENERGY from the Oxygenate Bamboo Biomass. These genetically modified hybrid Bamboo saplings, are already extracting renewable energy at present with heavy industry machinery generated ROI's, along with substantial environmental viability that is recorded.
eg: Bamboo to Oil, Bamboo to CNG, Bamboo to Ethanol, Bamboo to Diesal, Bamboo to Clean Coal, Bamboo to Hydrogen.
2. Bamboo Husk to be utilized as Bamboo Wood or Bamboo textile for eco friendly equipments, rooms, bags, bottles utility driven arenas, contributing to a complete GREEN CIRCULAR ECONOMY and economically efficient products as a Permanent Replacement to PLASTIC.
Establish the the 1st Bamboo Forest in the UAE and of the Middle East Engagement with all afforestation endeavors
Assistance on CSR / Fund to create the "Oxygen Forest" with Bamboo OR
Financial aid from entities in the UAE. (eg. ADNOC, Mubadala, Masdar)
Initiate Strategic partnerships for accelerating the BAMBOO FOREST green cover as a NATIONAL PRIORITY
Community engagement to foster and advance the Emirates Sustainability Story Inclusion in COP28 to strengthen the UAE NET Zero Commitment
Association with International Institutions (eg. IRENA, WEF, WWF)
8 United Nations SDGs affirmed with a BAMBOO FOREST
No longer Consume knowledge, but Becoming a CREATOR OF KNOWLEDGE with scientific research on fertile Bamboo Biomass utility.
Educate and spread awareness about Sustainability & Green Entrepreneurship
Supply of planting material of Tissue cultured oxygenate bamboo
Technical support for field planting of bamboo (Precision Farming or High Carbon Farming techniques) and after care of the Forest.

Onsite assistance for Bamboo Forest to maximize the carbon sequestration Innovation and utilities driven solutions with Bamboo
Maximizing Scientific knowledge on BAMBOO as a CARBON SINK.
Introduction of BOTANY and Biotechnology with bio engineered species in the UAE for Environment & Energy with International Scientists.




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