AI and Humanity: Exploring the Landscape of Liberty

Description: A panel discussion addressing the ethical and societal implications of AI. Delve into the opportunities and challenges of navigating this evolving landscape.

Speakers: Shekhar Kapur, Joseph Raczynski, Dr. Reema Diab

AI in Filmmaking: Revolutionizing the Process

A panel discussion uncovering the game-changing role of artificial intelligence (AI) in filmmaking.

Speakers: Ben Grossmann, Sir Richard Taylor

AI and Creativity: Unlocking Human Potential

A panel discussion highlighting the dynamic interplay between artificial intelligence (AI) and human creativity.

Speakers: Grace NG, Laia Grassi, Alex Brunori

Expo City Dubai’s Innovation Demo Day

Walk-through exhibition of Expo City Dubai’s homegrown technologies an AI generated art gallery, AI photobooth, next-gen livestreaming, AI virtual tour demos and AI waste management solutions.

The Power of Two: Combining AI and Creative Thinking to Build Innovative Solutions

Join us for an interactive session where you’ll learn how to harness the power of artificial intelligence and creative thinking to drive growth and success. You will gain actionable insights and strategies to think outside the box. Through hands-on activities and practical examples, you'll discover how AI can enhance the ideation process. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your business to the next level. Whether you're a business founder, a dynamic team member, a student or just starting out in the entrepreneurial world, you'll walk away with practical tips and insights you can apply right away.

Healthy Innovation Conference

?How to feed the entire planet without harming it

Our conference aims to illuminate the latest advancements, innovations, and opportunities that are revolutionizing the global food industry.

This exclusive event is addressed to any company involved in making the global food system more sustainable, kind, and fair for the planet, people and animals.

Join 400+ senior executives from leading international plant-based and cultured-food businesses, investors, founders and food brands pioneering the future of alternative proteins.

Recorded Scientific Session: The Impact of Algorithms on Decision Making’

In collaboration with Presight, ‘The Impact of Algorithms on Decision Making’ is a pioneering lecture slated for DJI’s metaverse platform during UAE Innovates 2024. This initiative aims to enrich the institute’s events by disseminating cutting-edge innovation practices and knowledge, particularly in how data and artificial intelligence are reshaping our global judicial systems. It seeks to explore the fundamentals of AI, its potential judicial operations, and the ethical frameworks necessary for integrating AI effectively to advance judicial efficiency and fairness. This endeavour aligns with DJI’s strategic commitment to fostering an exceptional educational ecosystem that bolsters justice and excellence, aimed at enhancing the professional skills and overall performance of judicial authority members and their staff.

Innovative web software competition for environmental solutions

It aims to reduce the impact of climate change factors, keep pace with modern technology in sustainable solutions, and prepare a creative youth generation with the skills to confront environmental challenges.

Modern innovations in photography

Learn basic photography skills, try new creative printing techniques and learn about the latest innovations in photography

iOS application programming

The basics of building iOS applications and their programming languages, in addition to the basic building blocks of the main graphical interfaces in applications.