Innovation Questions

Questions and educational competitions about the month of UAE Innovates

Innovate Where You Work Training

A training course through the digital training platform to learn more about the skills and lessons learned in creativity in the work environment.

Creativity and Innovative Business Strategies Course

Educational training on the concept of creativity and innovation in business strategies

Talabah Hackathon 1.0

The Emirates Students Association and the Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Authority organize the ideal, an opportunity for creativity, an opportunity for creativity and innovation under one roof, in addition to a fruitful space between innovators in various disciplines and universities.

Stemming from the UAE Centennial Plan 2071, the UAE Hackathon project aims to explore solutions from other emerging technologies. Scientific research solutions

Hackathon goals

Participation criteria

Combining Design Thinking and AI Tools to Push the Limits of Innovation

Join us for an exciting one-hour session exploring the powerful combination of Design Thinking and AI tools.

Whether you’re a business leader, an engineer or a student, this session will inspire you to unlock your creativity and use technology effectively to generate innovative ideas and drive positive change.

Potato Clock Workshop

In this workshop, you will learn how a digital clock is made using potatoes as electrochemical cells that convert chemical energy into electric energy.

Bubble Show

The show explains the science behind bubbles and allows the audience to enjoy playing with them and go inside giant ones

Static Electricity Show

The show presents the chance to discover the properties of electric charges through fun experiments using the Van de Graaf generator

Colors Explosion Experiment

After a tour of the Ibn Al-Haytham Hall of Science and Technology, where attendees will learn about the innovations and inventions made by Muslim scientists and the equipment used in the chemistry department, attendees will participate in a hands-on workshop where they will conduct the color explosion experiment

The objective: To investigate the effect of soap particles on milk fat particle

Materials and tools:

·       Glass dish

·       Milk

·       Food coloring (red – blue – yellow – green)

·       Dishwashing soap

·       Cotton swabs

The experiment:

1. Put the milk in the glass dish.

2. Add a drop of each food coloring to the milk.

3. Add just one drop of the dishwashing soap to the food coloring.

4. Dip a cotton swab in the milk.

5. Notice the spread of colors in the glass dish.

The result: The soap molecules try to grab hold of the fat molecules in the milk, which act as a trigger in this experiment. These cycles and movements are similar to those seen when we wash our hands with soap to remove grease.

The Elephant Clock

Before the workshop, participants will be given a 30-minute tour of the Ibn Al-Haytham Hall of Science and Technology to become familiar with the elephant clock model and how it works. The workshop will then begin with the participants assembling and labelling the Elephant Clock components