UAE Innovates
2022 award

The UAE Innovates Award was launched in February 2021 to celebrate innovative individuals and organizations in the UAE. This goes in line with the UAE’s continuous efforts to support innovative ideas and their application in the government sector, and to promote the position of the UAE as one of the most innovative countries worldwide.

In its 2022 edition, the Mohammed bin Rashid Center for Government Innovation invite you to participate in the UAE Innovates Award 2022 by nominating an innovative project your organization worked on.

Deadline for receiving projects is February 3rd, 2022

Award Categories

*Disrupted the traditional work of government

Award Criteria


The evident difference between the proposed solution and other existing solutions.


The ability for the innovation to be replicated in other sectors.


The extent to which the solution helped promote societies wellbeing.

Fast Response

The speed of the solution’s (innovation) response to rapid changes.


The ability to anticipate future events and develop innovative solutions to address them.


The ability to improve and develop the entity’s work ecosystem in line with government/ international trends.